Not All DJ Companies Are The Same!

They really aren’t.

“Why Prism Sounds Wedding DJ services are different to the competition”

Would you be surprised to learn that most wedding DJ’s can’t actually mix 2 tracks together? DJs may fade out one track and fade another in, they may add an effect over the top or simply talk through it. The ability to take 2 different songs at different tempo’s and make those tracks fit together as one is known as beat matching, and this is not an easy skill to learn.

So why does it make a difference?

The main reason is the atmosphere and impact on the dance floor itself. Encouraging people to get up and dance can take time – sudden changes in beat or key can kill the vibe instantly. Remember the school discos we all went to where you with the sudden drop into a slow song?

Prism Sounds DJ has years of experience beatmatching (we even run sessions teaching other DJ’s how to do it at
Prism Sounds DJ has played at numerous parties, events & festivals, held residencies at big bars & nightclubs.
Prism Sounds DJ has many years of experience as a DJ.

(of a DJ) synchronize the tempos of (two recordings) to enable a smooth transition between them in a set of uninterrupted music.
“if you want to play in a club where the DJ’s expected to beat-match records, you’d better develop the skill”

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